A. Economic transformation programs

We focus on the promotion of financial development and growth among women and vulnerable children within rural communities through increased access to financial services such as micro credit, financial literacy, agribusiness and alternative entrepreneur models.

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B. Health, Sanitation and Hygiene programs

We focus on promoting quality health and sanitation services within and among communities. The program areas take on approaches inclusive of advocacy, promoting access to information and direct service provision. We have a special focus on interventions in the area of HIV prevention, Sexual Reproductive Health Rights, and Maternal Child Health among women and children as well as other vulnerable groups of people.

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C. Literacy, Numeracy and Education programs.

We focus on promoting a holistic and lifelong approach towards education, marrying both the functional and non-functional modes of education with a special focus on vocational skills development. We seek to exploit new options towards lifelong learning especially for women and children.

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D. Climate and environment focused programs

The program area focuses on promoting environmental friendly options in energy and agriculture practces. We promote technologies that support reduction of carbon emotions and the use of renewable energies.

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Training in Advocacy and rights awareness

some of the supported women