We are reaching out with complete understanding that we are all doing our best to not only keep ourselves safe and healthy, but also the ones near and far that we care about in this time.


We are in close touch with the beneficiaries that we serve and communicating with them closely as COVID19 becomes more prevalent in their communities, hoping to navigate a productive plan to support them from afar.


Right now, in a district with more than 260,000 people, the government of Uganda cannot afford to feed all the household during this period of lockdown. A bi percentage of households in Kayunga are women headed and have an average of 5-6 orphans that they have to look after through feeding and providing medical attention in case they are ill. Kayunga district is one of those that also had victims of Covid19 and thus most rural people need to be sensitized on how to prevent the spread through washing hands, social distancing and staying at home.

It’s against this background that AIDE seeks to fundraise resources in terms of food to reach out to the vulnerable households, Soap for washing hands, and Bicycles for Voluntary Health Teams who can be to move long distances to pick drugs for those on ART (HIV) treatment as well as family planning contraceptives.

This is where we come in.


We have set a goal of:
– $2000 budget, to purchase bicycles for VHT’s to distribute drugs to those on going treat for HIV and also train individual households to prevent the spread of the virus.
-$ 2000 Provide food for 70 families that will take them through this period of lockdown.
– $ 1000 Masks, Soap,
-An overall goal of $5,000

I know we all have thousands of different places we can give our money right now, all of which are taking amazing measures to help worldwide, but I hope today, you will consider AIDE Uganda. $1, $5, or $100, the impact we can have on this completely unprepared and overwhelmed community is huge and we will them succeed in trying to fight this. AND, if you can’t donate, keep them in your thoughts as we all try to settle into our new normal.

Hug your family (or your quaranteam) and remember we will get through this together.